Porsche 944 sill



Porsche 944 sill with jacking point diamond pressing
Please note that some photos also show lower rear quarter, available separately in our shop

This sill comes with a joggled end which enables you to form the original joint where the rear quarter overlaps.
One of the pictures shows the sill and lower rear corner repair panel. Together they make an oe joint.
The lower rear quarter repair panel is also available in our shop.
This sill is a lot more detailed than many other reproductions available and we have tried to demonstrate this in our pictures.

– We fabricate one batch per month. Once the next batch is sold out, we will start taking orders for the following month. Therefore our typical lead time is 3-9 weeks.

*** Although I quote a  3-9 week lead time, we do sometimes fabricate batches of sills. I can therefore sometimes send them out sooner than the lead time. Please either click on the contact me tab or send me a email stating when you require the panel. (A date is easier for me to work to than stating “ASAP”)  ****

– All panels are hand made to order and will be made as close as possible to original dimensions.
– If you would like to view any of the panels we make before purchase, then please contact us to arrange a time.

***Please contact us if you require international shipping***

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